Here's what Gary offers -- Of course basic questions will be answered for no charge, things requiring no research time. But if you'd like to purchase Gary's service for just €195, here's what you'll get:


 A proposed itinerary for your destination, during your preferred dates, including all local tours and events, with prices.
 Info about getting there and back, including best flight options, other transportation possibilities, money saving tips.
 Ground transportation info, including taxis, with phone numbers and tips on what to avoid. Also rapid transit, buses.
 Lodging options according to your stated preference, with alternative options, alternative price ranges.
 Alternatives, free time, leisure activities in line with your stated preferences, to make your trip as relaxed or energetic as you wish.
 Background info in line with your interests. A book list, with purchase buttons. A customized online course if you wish (additional charge).
 Maps, including transit system maps. Climate information, and for tours in the near future, even weather forecasts.
 Price estimates will be included for all features, options, and alternative.

Your Dream Tour will be delivered to you as a brochure or web app through an online publishing service, for the price of   €195.

For an additonal fee (variable), Gary's Going My Way will create your tour by ordering the features you select. 

Here's where you can Create Your Dream Tour by telling us your destination, dates, interests, and preferences.

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