Another gleam in Gary's eye is a tour based on Boris Godunov, the play by Pushkin, the opera by Musorgsky (yes, that is the correct Russian spelling), and indeed the fascinating historical figure, and his period. (NB: Ga-doo-noff, with the stress on the last syllable. It is not good enough to call him anything else)

This could begin in a monastery hotel -- There's a good one in the ancient city of Suzdal, where live performances of selected scenes could be presented in the monastery itself, an atmospheric locale for this opera. The "inn scene" could be staged live in an actual tavern, as "dinner theatre". From Suzdal we could fly to Krakow, Poland, for a live staging of some of the scenes set there. Then to Moscow for the final segment of our trip. The live presentations of the opera's more intimate sections would be supplemented by recordings and videos of the bigger scenes, and attendance at a full-length production in Moscow would be included, of course. With careful scheduling, we can also attend a performance of Pushkin's play, with translated "audio-titles" available through earpieces. Background seminars, discussions, talks by historians and performers, a visit to the grave of Boris in Sergiev Posad.

Interested? Let us know  here.

And how about Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita as a super tour of Moscow! Let us know what you think!