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                   NEWS FLASH: Gary's new projects explore different ways to connect world literature with world travel. Gary Duane Cox is now Program Designer for Jingsi Education, based in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China. He is teaching classics of juvenile and teen literature in English to bright young Chinese students, online.

In July, 'Gary Laoshi' will be leading a group of his students and their families on a cruise in the eastern Mediterranean, exploring Greek mythology and watching for dolphins. We hope to put together our own version of the 'Perseus-beheads-Medusa' story, and perform it (in English and Chinese) in a real Greek amphitheatre. (psst: 'laoshi'  means 'teacher')

Earlier in 2016, Gary wrote a story that puts four boys of the mid-19th century, each from a different corner of the globe, into Homer's Odyssey. It's called 'In the Cave of the One-Eyed Giant', and it's now available on Amazon. It will be the first book in an 'Odyssey Kids' series, that will put young people from all over the world into the thick of the world's most exciting classics. Gary's already thinking about the second in the series, in which the 'Odyssey Boys' will meet the 'Odyssey Girls', in another famous adventure.

Another relatively new publication of Gary's, written during a career lull when he was preparing to move back to Chicago from the Vienna/Bratislava area, is Gary's Guide to Russian Diction for Singers. (Gary's a singer as well as a specialist in Slavic Linguistics.) Although there's not much promo (I sent it to a few voice teachers here and there), sales are at a steady trickle. Although it's unlikely to hit best-seller lists any time soon, professionals seem to like it and word is spreading.



Gary's Going My Way provides customized tour plans for travel in Europe, Russia, America, and the whole world. Its founder and director, Dr. Gary Cox, grew up in the American midwest, not far from Chicago, and earned his doctorate in Russian Language and Literature from Columbia University in New York. He left a successful career as tenured Director of Russian Studies at a well-known US university to explore new paths as a travel consultant in central Europe, and now offers Russian-language tours of the US as well.

Here's how it works -- Customers describe their special interests and Gary's Going My Way produces a personalized tour plan, and can make the travel arrangements as well -- Gary or an associate can even accompany the tour if desired. We can draw up materials for any part of the world, but the special emphasis is on Russia (Gary has led many tours of Russia for students and grownups alike), central Europe (especially Vienna and Bratislava, Slovakia, where Gary lived and worked for 6 years), and Europe's rivers from Amsterdam to the Black Sea -- A route Gary learned well during his first years as a travel specialist in Europe, directing riverboat tours for a major company. Gary is back in the US now, living in Chicago, the current focus of his Russian-language tours. 

When you travel, is it history that fascinates you, or geography – a desire to see new places? Tell us about your interests. Is it the exotic that you wish to explore, or are you more interested in everyday life in your destination site? Are you interested in meeting locals, or do you want to look into sites and people connected with your family's roots? Of course, “all of the above” is an option!

Do you have an interest in a particular historical period, person, or movement? Going My Way can help you explore it. Are you interested in Art, Music, Architecture, Theatre, Opera, Dance, Economics, Technology, Universities, Restaurants? Going My Way will research the local sites linked with your areas of interest, and provide a tour plan (including price options) that will maximize your chance to see what you want to see. Of course we will discuss the tour plan with you and shape it in accordance with your feedback – all this is part of our basic plan, affordably priced. If you like the tour we ultimately suggest, we can provide you with a price quote for the tour itself, and arrange and order it for you, even accompany you if you wish, for an additional fee. Or you may use our plan to make your own arrangements or go through another supplier.

Contact us now with a description of your travel interests, including projected dates -- We will get back to you with some ideas, and prepare a full-scale tour prospectus, if you choose to purchase our affordable basic service.

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